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Tuesday 1 January 2013

Dr. J. Nagaraju passes away

Dr. J. Nagaraju, noted molecular biologist and Khorana Chair at Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD) passed away in Hyderabad on 31.12.2012. He was also heading the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics, Consultant Scientist of Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) - CDFD Centre for Basmati DNA Analaysis and Co-Ordinator, Laboratory of DNA Fingerprinting Services. Dr. J. nagaraju had an illustrious scientific career. After obtaining Ph.D. from University of Mysore he became a Research Associate in Prof. Pierre Couble's Laboratory (Molecular Genetics), University of Lyon, France and held Visiting Scientistship in Daniel Hartl's Laboratory, Harvard University, USA. He was instrumental in setting up the Seribiotech Laboratory (Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India) in 1992 and served as its Head till he moved to CDFD in 1998. Dr. Nagaraju has immensely contributed to silkworm genomics and genetics. His demise has caused a severe blow to the scientific world, particularly to silkworm molecular biology. 

The sericulture fraternity of India should be thankful to him for laying strong foundations for seri-biotech here. At the laboratories founded by him at Kodathi, Bangalore and at CDFD Hyderabad, he had not only worked day and night, grinding tissues, running PCRs and fine tuning protocols, but also trained an impressive number of young hands at practical biotechnology. From very humble beginnings he rose to an international stature, bringing up with him India’s silkworm molecular biology, brushing shoulders with giants in the field. With his demise India’s silkworm sciences has become much poor. Sadly, the discipline will have to wait a long time to see yet another scientist of his stature to take his place.


Anonymous said...

I heard about the untimely demise of Dr. J Nagaraju from our friend Dr. P. Jayaprakash. It is a shocking news to me. We met a few months back and he was full of life. He was having some health problem but he really outspaced and tired me in the evening walks we had together at the IIT Guwahati Campus. He was so energetic that he went to Meghalaya too to collect samples of silkworm for his research from my place. The country has lost one of its most finest seribiotechnologists and I have lost a personel friend. Both are huge losses in its own order. My prayers to the almighty to have him rested in heaven for eternity. Let his hardwork and intelectual accomplishments be glazing and inspiring examples for the young generation.

Utpal Bora,
Department of Biotechnology,
IIT Guwahati.

Adarsh Gupta K said...
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Adarsh Gupta K said...

It is extremely unfortunate and tough to accept the demise of Dr. J Nagaraju. I had never thought that a day would come in my life to even think writing a eulogy to him. It is one of the darkest periods of my life and of my friends’.
There is no doubt that it’s an irreparable damage to all our lives, and our routine shows up the big difference in the days yet to come. I remember first few lines from Yeats’ poem, The Second Coming- “Turning and turning in the widening gyre, the falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the center cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.” I just hope it should not get as much worse as I’m afraid of and the times to come should ameliorate all our agony and set course towards normalcy.
It’s an irreplaceable damage not only to our lab or CDFD, but also to the whole scientific community. He was one of the most energetic scientists and was a big inspiration to be as much an active and consistent learner and a dedicated adviser besides being truthful and one of the most sincere human beings I ever knew.
Surely will continue passion for science and his legacy!!
Lastly, I sincerely pray God to bless us and mainly his family with strength and peace, and may his soul rest in ultimate peace!!

Unknown said...

It was shocking to learn the sad untimely demise of Dr. J Nagaraju. Ever smiling and extremely friendly personality,a respected colleague at C S B and in his passing away a good human being is taken away from our midst. May the almighty give strength to his family to bear the irreparable loss.
Dr T H Somashekar
Central Silk Board

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