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Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Good news for silk

The provisional production figures released by the Central Silk Board (CSB) revealed that domestic raw silk production is showing an upswing with a record of 18760 tons of raw silk during fiscal 2007. The upward move represents 8.41 percent surge over the previous year figures of 17305 tons; however, the record production was much more than the peak production of 17351 tons achieved in 2001-02. During 2002-03 and 2003-04, the drought conditions in the southern region had deterring effect in silk production as farmers went to the extent of even uprooting the mulberry plantations; whereas the ill effects of the severe drought appear to thin out as mulberry silk production had gathered momentum for the fourth successive year.
Last year, the mulberry silk production, including that of bi-voltine silk was 16805 tons up from 15445 tons from the previous year. The redeeming factor of last year's production however was the signs of superior bi-voltine silk galloping in growth by 12.77 percent to cross the 1000 ton mark.
However, the increase in production only proves that bi-voltine silk had come to stay and was finding increased acceptance at farmer's level every year. For more related news visit
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